Supporting your business...

When running any company, your main focus needs to be on generating new sales/clients and ensuring that you are delivering the best service you can.

But what about afterwards? 

If you want repeat business, or ideas on improving your service, after-care is vital. You need to go on talking to your customers after you have made a sale or carried out your service. That way you can health check your business, encourage growth and be the best that you can be.

But all this takes time...

At Affinity, we can act as your dedicated after-care service, representing your company, providing a seamless extension for your business and offering a personal after-care service that is tailored to suit you. We work the way you want us to.

Here are some examples of how we could help:

  • Compile & maintain a customer database
  • Carry out after-care client surveys
  • Obtain (and write if necessary) testimonials
  • Run your social networking to ensure you are keeping in touch with existing customers and potential new ones
  • Create and issue regular staff/customer newsletters. This is a good way of keeping in touch with everyone and keeping them informed of any new products, services, promotions and offers